Improve Your Home's Efficiency

Schedule attic air sealing services in Northern MN and Wisconsin

Is your home losing heat through your ceiling and into your attic, causing potential ice dams and higher energy costs? If so, you need our our attic insulation services to boost your homes energy efficiency. Brothers Insulation improves homes in Duluth, Cloquet and Floodwood, MN, as well as surrounding areas. We'll go through your home to locate your air leak and give you options on how to seal your home.

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Our attic sealing process

When you want to improve your home's efficiency, we can help. If you need our insulation replacement and attic air sealing services, we'll:

  • Vacuum the attic to remove your old insulation and debris in your attic space
  • Flash coat with close cell spray foam the floor of your attic/backside of sheetrock to improve efficiency
  • Blow R-49 insulation to give you the proper R value in your attic space

Our thorough process helps us ensure homes are properly insulated. Speak with our owner today if you need attic insulation services.